The new CARO « Conflict Management Committee » service has just been nominated for the GAR Awards 2024, in the « Innovation » category

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1. What is “facilitation”?

Setting up a project or negotiating a contract with partners with different profiles and expectations is no easy task.

“Facilitation” allows for the intervention of a neutral third party, who assists the parties during any process involving the elaboration of a common project or negotiation of a contract at the local, regional or international level.

The presence of a neutral third party in this context is a powerful tool to overcome difficulties that may arise, and define a practicable path for all the actors involved. Through this service, parties involved in a particular project can exploit its full potential, while anticipating risks of possible future litigation.

2. What does the Centre do?

The Centre proceeds with the administrative registration of the case, examines your objectives, the complexity of your project and the underlying issues.

Further to a consultation with the parties, the Centre will then propose the intervention of one or more facilitators and ask them to complete a declaration of independence and impartiality.

A roadmap will then be drafted between the parties to the facilitation, and the facilitator(s), whose implementation will be supervised by the Centre.

In addition, the Centre manages the entire financial aspect of the facilitation: it collects the facilitator's expenses and fees and then pays the facilitator once his or her mission is carried out.

3. Seizing the Centre

If you wish to secure the services of an OHADAC facilitator, you are invited to communicate a facilitation request to the Centre. This request must specify the identity and contact details of the partners who would be involved in the facilitation process, as provided for in the OHADAC Facilitation Rules.

The Centre will then contact them to confirm their consent to the implementation of the facilitation process.

4. Our offers

The schedule of costs for facilitation services provides for the cost of a facilitation procedure according to the package chosen and the amount at stake.

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