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Webinar entitled “Legal security within your reach with the OHADAC Regional Arbitration Centre (CARO)”, Pointe-à-Pitre, February 15 2022

  • 2022-05-23
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The CARO Centre held a webinar on February 15 entitled “Legal security within your reach with the OHADAC Regional Arbitration Centre (CARO)” organised by both the CARO Centre and UDE MEDEF Guadeloupe.

The event took the form of an interactive webinar with speakers and participants invited to find out all about the range of services offered by the CARO Centre regarding conflict resolution and anticipation, as well as to discuss legal issues they have encountered in the business world in Guadeloupe.

The panel consisted of the following speakers:

  • Denis Lesueur, chair of the board of directors of the LORET Group, chair of the Economic Foresight and Regional Cooperation Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Islands of Guadeloupe (CCIG), reviewed the genesis of the OHADAC project and the involvement of the CCIG, historical partners from the outset, and the APC association, the European partner. Mr Lesueur highlighted the advantages of the OHADAC project and CARO Centre in view of its remoteness, linguistic and legal disparities, and the difficulties of doing business in the Caribbean region.
  • Raïssa Goubin-Kern, International advisor at Team France Export in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Islands of Guadeloupe, presented the services offered by Team France Export in terms of the support and advice given to business owners wanting to export and get started abroad. Raïssa stressed the importance of anticipating and preparing in order to seize the economic opportunities available in the region and internationally.
  • Marie-Camille Pitton, secretary general of the CARO Centre, presented the various services offered by Caro and their advantages (expert assessments, facilitation, mediation, and arbitration) designed to support business leaders and project holders throughout their commercial relationship. Marie-Camille highlighted the distinctive nature of the CARO Centre, which provides affordable services that guarantee control of costs and deadlines. She stressed the facilitation and expert assessment services that help business owners better anticipate and negotiate their projects and / or contracts with an international dimension.
  • Romain Carayol, lawyer at the Paris Bar, mediator, and arbitrator, stressed the advantages of mediation for companies. He provided his expertise on the benefits of mediation, which can also play a significant role in corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Elisabeth Calonne, lawyer at the Bar of Guadeloupe, St Martin, and St Barthélemy and mediator, shared her experience in mediation in Guadeloupe, explaining how this tool helps co-contractors re-establish dialogue and ease tensions.
  • Karine Linon, lawyer at the Bar of Guadeloupe St Martin and St Barthélemy and mediator, shared her experience in arbitration, highlighting her observations on the first award based on the OHADAC texts in international arbitration that was given in Guadeloupe (see Newsletter of October 19, 2020

The event provided the opportunity to present the range of services in conflict anticipation (expert assessments, facilitation, mediation) and conflict resolution available since September 27, 2021, and offered by the CARO Centre. It was also an opportunity to promote the practical, concrete application of mediation and arbitration in Guadeloupe, while considering the experiences and difficulties encountered by business leaders and owners in Guadeloupe as well as the lawyers in the region.

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