Sustainable development

The CARO Centre is a recipient of European Union development funds, dedicated to support the sustainable growth of the region.

In order to comply with this road map, the CARO Centre is committed to providing services addressing the needs of Caribbean institutions, which are the guardians of the stability of the territories, and to contribute to the resilience of the Caribbean region.

Thanks to the accessibility of its services, combined with the pragmatic approach of the Centre and the implementation of concrete actions, the Centre has a real impact on the development of the Caribbean region, via the following undertakings:

  • By supporting all sectors of activity and players in the region, from the most robust to the most fragile, it contributes to the sustainable growth of Caribbean territories.
  • The CARO Centre is able to set up emergency mediation services, on the basis of specific rules, every time Caribbean territories are hit by a natural disaster.
  • The CARO Centre also offered free mediation services to Guadeloupe companies in the course of summer 2020, in order to help them overcome the disputes that may have arisen during the exceptional quarantine period which was imposed in the context of the fight against Covid-19.
  • The CARO Centre also works to promote environmental protection, selecting the best experts in this field. These experts can intervene in the context of a mediation or an arbitration procedure if the issue of compliance with these rules arises; or even outside such procedures.
The OHADAC project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the auspices of the INTERREG CARAÏBES programme
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