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Interview on Canal 10's ZCL Show

  • 2022-07-21
  • 2910

The CARO Centre was one of the guests on the one p.m. ZCL show on Canal 10 (hosted by Derrick Zandwonis) to mark the first CARO Training and Information Days on April 5-7.

Solène Balaguette, a legal expert at the CARO Centre, introduced the CARO Centre and its range of services as well as presenting the first three-day event held by the CARO Centre.

Ms Balaguette was given the opportunity to review the genesis of the OHADAC (Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in the Caribbean) project, the various phases in its development, and it is historical and more recent partners (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Islands of Guadeloupe, the CARICHAM network, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Martinique and OHADA (Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa)). She highlighted the reality of the legal and economic isolation that exists in the Caribbean region, together with the legal harmonization tools - such as the OHADAC model laws - that have been introduced to encourage commercial transactions between the Territories in the region.

Ms Balaguette then presented the various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services that have been developed by the CARO Centre, and which factor in the special economic, commercial and legal characteristics of the Guadeloupe region and the Caribbean.

The CARO Centre provides bespoke services designed to guarantee the legal security of agreements and projects. These services meet two objectives: conflict anticipation (with expert assessment and facilitation services) and conflict resolution (using mediation and arbitration services).

Ms Balaguette concluded by presenting a review of the first CARO Information and Training Days. The CARO Centre organized three innovative days on April 5-7 to introduce its premises in Pointe-à-Pitre and to familiarize the economic stakeholders in the Guadeloupe region with CARO's services based on a series of round tables, webinars, practical workshops and B2B meetings.

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